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13 Reasons To Love Stony Stratford

13 Reasons to Love Stony Stratford

When you book accommodation in Milton Keynes, you’ll want to visit Stony Stratford.

We locals love Stony Stratford and so do the many visitors we have each year. It’s a busy little town, fun to explore, with all sorts of unexpected turns and corners, a number of excellent coffee shops and crammed with history.

Here are just a few reasons to love the town.

  1. Charles Dickens visited Stony Stratford and based a character in Bleak House on a resident.
  2. Milton Keynes has over 200 works of public art. The most recent is in Stony Stratford – a mural of Eleanor of Castile, painted by local artist Luke McDonnell. Eleanor was the wife of Edward 1. Her funeral cortege stopped overnight in Stony Stratford in 1290.
  3. John Wesley preached under an elm tree in the Market Square at Stony Stratford Wesley came to Stony Stratford on five occasions, including July 30 1777. The original elm has now died but the site has been marked by the planting of a new tree and a plaque to record the event.
  4. The cult film Withnail and I was shot in Stony Stratford in 1987. Imagine Richard E Grant, Paul McGann and Richard Griffiths swanning round in the Market Square!
  5. In April 1483, the Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III) found 12 year old King Edward V in Stony Stratford and took him to the Tower of London for “safekeeping”.
  6. Between 1887-1924 a tramcar service ran between stony Stratford and Wolverton with the largest tramcars ever to run through the streets of a British town.
  7. By the middle ages Stony Stratford had 50+ inns and taverns to provide accommodation and food for travellers
  8. A path near the river Ouse is still called Harlots’ Walk by the locals which suggests that other services were on offer to travellers too.
  9. The Annual Hiring Fair was held, where men and women would gather in their designated area of the market place for their profession, wearing an emblem of their trade in their lapel and hoping to gain another year’s work. A farm worker may display a piece of corn, and a servant a piece of a mop etc.
  10. As well as a number of established music pubs and venues Stony Stratford hosts two big music annual events in June – Stony Live! and Folk on the Green attracting hundreds of extra visitors.
  11. The Great Ouse winds round Stony Stratford encircling the town in its ancient loop. If you love nature head for Stony Stratford Nature Reserve, located between Queen Eleanor Street, Stony Stratford, and the A5. The reserve provides a variety of artificially created wetland habitats especially for waterfowl and waders. A bird hide is provided for viewing of the main lakes and meadows.
  12. Stony has had a royal licence to hold a market since 1208 and we still have a regular Saturday market and a number of themed markets.
  13. Stony Stratford has been entering Britain in Bloom since 2008, and since 2010 they have bagged the Thames and Chilterns Region Small Town Category for the Thames and Chilterns Region seven times – six times with a gold gong!

Find out what’s on and plan your visit

Booking accommodation in Milton Keynes has never been more enjoyable. The Butterfly Loft is right at the heart of the town in a quiet location just 30 seconds walk from the High Street. To stay here contact us.

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