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Black As Hell, Strong As Death And Sweet As Love

Black as Hell, Strong as Death and Sweet as Love

That’s how a Turkish proverb describes coffee. Good, eh?

I love coffee but as I already have pronounced Tigger-like tendencies when I’m absolutely coffee stone-cold sober, too much caffeine has me bouncing around at supersonic speed. So I have to limit myself and at work I often drink decaff which of course is a bit of a cop out in coffee terms.

But right now (because I’m writing this piece and I’m getting into the mood) I’ve gone for the full, black Americano, courtesy of the Butterfly Loft’s cute little Bosch machine. It’s sitting on the desk in front of me, steaming at me in a very sensual way. Who cares that the autumn weather is yet again grey and miserable? The smell is divine, and the taste makes me think of summer.

The smell of fresh coffee has got to be one of the most delicious scents ever. There is just something so inviting about the smell of coffee that makes you feel ready to face the day.

We have all sorts of guests here at the Butterfly Loft – business people who want a home away from home while they’re away for work; people visiting family. Guests here for an event. People exploring our beautiful countryside. Lots of wedding guests. So we have all sorts of coffee too – Americano, cappuccino and expresso in recyclable pods – all at the press of a button. Oh yes – and some decaff too!

Coffee has a bit of a dark reputation doesn’t it? One woman described it as her “bad boyfriend”. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

But drinking coffee has lots of benefits so long as you don’t over-do it. For instance, we all know that coffee can pep us up if we’re feeling tired and sluggish. Know why? Here comes the science!

A chemical called adenosine normally builds up in our bodies as we are awake, and higher levels make us feel sleepy – it’s like our body’s natural egg-timer to tell us to start preparing to sleep. Caffeine, however, binds to the adenosine receptors in our brain and stops the sleepiness signal getting through, hence helping us stay awake.

Caffeine also directly stimulates our nervous system, making us more alert and focussed (although too much can make you anxious and shaky), as well as increasing our levels of adrenaline – putting us into a ‘fight or flight’ state, which can cause an irregular heart beat and higher blood pressure.

There are some other positives too.

Coffee can help you lose weight. Firstly, caffeine is one of few natural substances that are scientifically proven to burn fat by increasing your metabolic rate by up to 10% and fat burning by up to 29% in lean people. The second way coffee helps you lose weight is by increasing your energy, mood and adrenaline, giving you the boost you need in the gym. Black coffee has no calories, but do bear in mind that as soon as you start adding other substances the calories costs shoots up. For example, there are 251 calories in one serving of Costa Coffee Caramel Latte. So go French and drink it black.

There’s been considerable research into the health benefits of coffee and the findings indicate that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinsons, cirrhosis and even certain types of cancer. One of the reasons for this is caffeine’s natural antioxidant properties which is in line with some fruits and vegetables!

Coffee reduces the likelihood of depression by increasing your adrenaline and affecting your dopamine levels, which generally boosts your mood and increases your concentration and focus. One Harvard study followed 50,000 women over ten years and concluded that drinking four cups of coffee a day can significantly lower your risk of depression by 20%.

Coffee drinkers are welcome at the Butterfly Loft. Whether you’re visiting family or travelling on business, booking accommodation in Milton Keynes couldn’t be easier. Visit our contacts page to check availability and make your reservation.

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