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Blaze A Trail Of Colour Through Blue Monday

Blaze a Trail of Colour through Blue Monday

Next Monday is the so-called “Blue Monday” which is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. It’s become something of a phenomenon – even though it’s really a non-news item.

It’s a shame to call it that really …. Blue is such a beautiful colour.

The idea of Blue Monday is not the result of any in-depth research, but instead by using a calculation involving such factors as current weather conditions and debt levels. The problem is, if you call it Blue Monday, it might well be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m with Hamlet when he says to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern:

“Why, then, ‘tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

But, you don’t have to be blue. It’s your call. You can choose either to believe that today will be depressing – and that’s what you’ll look out for, so that’s what you’ll find – or you can choose to believe it will be a nice day, in which case you’ll more likely to notice the high points.

Here are some Butterfly Loft tips for blazing a scarlet trail through Blue Monday.

Get out into the light. Natural light helps stabilise serotonin and triggers mood-boosting hormones. See if you can get outside for at least ten minutes today. It’s getting lighter longer in the evenings by about two minutes a day.

Take exercise. Any steady movement you enjoy — walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling —boosts endorphins, and will leave you feeling calmer and happier.

Smile, smile, smile. When you smile, you release a cascade of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Your body relaxes, and blood pressure may be lowered. Smiling is contagious, too, so if you smile at others you’ll help them feel better as well.

Count your blessings. Recent research has shown that when you take time to appreciate what you already have, you’ll feel more energetic and optimistic. Make a list of things you’re grateful for, and people you’re grateful you know.

Do something good for others. There’s a growing body of research that links altruistic behaviour with improved health and a greater sense of wellbeing. Offer someone a genuine compliment, and/or make a contribution to a charity.

Wear bright colours to boost your mood and energise yourself. My winter wardrobe is like a rainbow – I have jumpers in red, pink, coral, lilac, purple, peacock blue, green and cream. I love wearing bright colours and in consequence I buzz around much more cheerfully and energetically!

Colour has such a big impact on our mood. When we decorated the Butterfly Loft we adopted a palette of pretty, relaxing colours to soothe the potentially fevered brows of our guests. Soft grey, ivory, pink and French blue in the main living and dining room and white with touches of purple in the bedroom. Very chic, very tranquil.

Live life in colour at the Butterfly Loft! Booking accommodation in Milton Keynes couldn’t be easier. Just call on 01908 266602 to check availability and make your reservation.

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