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To place a booking with us you must be at least 18 years of age. The maximum number of guests staying is two. Where the person making the booking is different to the lead guest taking up the occupation, the person making the booking will be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages.

To secure any booking we require a deposit to be paid in advance. The deposit amount is 50% of the total fee.

Payments should be made by bank transfer.
We will write to you four or five days before you are due to arrive enclosing an invoice for the balance due. Settlement must be made by credit transfer and be received by the time you arrive.

You can cancel your booking without penalty up to 48 hours before the date you are scheduled to arrive. If your cancellation request arrives after this point, your deposit will not be refunded.

Our “house rules” are set out here.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking with immediate effect if you cause damage or a disturbance.

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