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Butterfly Loft To Beachampton

Butterfly Loft to Beachampton

Sounds a bit like Lark Rise to Candleford!!

You know that Kylie Minogue song: “I should be so lucky ….”? She was singing about being lucky in love, but that song was running through my head as Peter and I laced up our boots this lovely June afternoon and headed out of Stony Stratford across the fields in a circular walk taking in the village of Beachampton.

And we really are lucky. The walking in this part of Bucks is absolutely lovely and if you walk using an OS map to find your way, rather than sticking to the well-known paths you rarely see anyone else, but you’ll often see some amazing wildlife. Recently, we’ve seen hares, deer and foxes quite close up. Today, for example, we saw masses of black, shiny caterpillars on top of nettles. They’ll turn into Peacock butterflies in due course.

Black caterpillars

We started by taking a footpath on the left of the road, just past the left turn to Calverton. We passed curious cows and browsing sheep. Having walked that trail frequently during lockdown, we look out for the “lamb gang”. There are five lambs who always play together and are fascinated by the entrance to a badger set in the field. On one occasion we had to haul an over-curious lamb out as it had got rather too far with its investigations and become wedged face first down the hole. Luckily it didn’t seem too upset by its adventure.

Passing the lamb gang field we crossed into “lark song field”. We have always heard lark song there whenever we pass and as Peter’s favourite classical piece is Vaughan Williams “The Lark Ascending” we pause to listen and enjoy it.

The field are full of cereals and in the breeze today they were swooshing away hypnotically, a sea of blue-green grasses, stretching away into the distance. Then coming round the woodland, although the bluebells and cowslips have gone back, Queen Anne’s Lace still frames the fields and the local farmers seem content to let clover, vetch and thistles grow and the hedges were full of wild roses, both pink and white, all of which makes for happy bees.

Wild rose

We looped round Beachampton, heading towards Basshill Farm, then turned back along a different path, going via Potash Farm and back towards Grange Farm, only stopping to say a hello to a very Thelwellian pony nearby and to drop Pooh Sticks off the little bridge crossing the stream that runs through Beachampton.

Grange farm, stream and pony

From the wonderfully named Watery Lane, we walked through the village then turned back through the fields along the footpath that loosely follows the road back to Stony. Eight easy and enjoyable miles. And so home for tea and cake 😊.

If you love walking, you’ll find the Butterfly Loft is the perfect base. Not only are there many fabulous walks accessible straight out of the front door, there are scores more within a half an hour drive.

Being enthusiastic walkers we’re happy to provide suggestions and routes. There’s a local OS map available at the Loft for our guests!

The Butterfly Loft is opening again in July with a few new improvements which we think you’ll love!

If you’re thinking of staying in Milton Keynes do get in touch.

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