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Do You Want To Feel More Relaxed?

Do You Want to Feel More Relaxed?

Over the years I have travelled on business a lot. Hotel rooms are OK – but there’s something about them that’s a bit sterile. They’re all a bit of a muchness and it’s just a question of remembering which side of the bed the light switch is. One year I was on the road so much, one morning I couldn’t even remember which hotel I was in when I woke up and had to check my diary. The room had green tartan décor so I knew I was in Scotland somewhere ….!

Modern life is busy and places a lot of demands on our precious time which is why it’s more important than ever that we have a sanctuary when we leave work.

The Butterfly Loft is that sanctuary. It has been created to give you a break from the maelstrom of daily working life. We can’t take credit for the extraordinary sensation of peacefulness there – people always remark upon that, when they visit. But as to the rest of it, we have deliberately created a space where you can relax and recharge. Here are just a few of the things you’ll enjoy.

The soft colours we have chosen can help reduce stress. Research shows that being in nature is one of the best forms of relaxation, so we turned to nature for inspiration with our colours. The result is a neutral palette mixed with gentle warm tones and occasional flashes of vibrancy for a comforting, happy environment. (Yup. Our visitors tell us that being here actually makes them feel happy! Good, eh?)

It’s generally very quiet here, which is lovely, but if you want music, like the lady with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, you shall have it. Music has been used for hundreds of years to restore harmony between mind and body, so there’s lot of music to listen to, via the radio, CD player and the internet. We’re great believers in classical music to de-stress – there’s room to do a Strauss waltz or two if you’re so Strictly inclined – but the choice is yours.

If you’ve got work to do there’s nothing worse than peering at a screen in half-light. We’ve provided a good quality desk lamp so there are no ‘gloaming moments’. But when you’re trying to relax you want something softer – a little lamp at your elbow throwing light over your shoulder when you’re tucked up on the sofa reading and winding down is perfect. And there’s a good selection of books here if you’ve forgotten to pack one of your own.

We all love gazing into real fires don’t we? Sitting by a crackling fire has comforted as well as warmed us from time immemorial. Bertha, our cute little log burner, gives you toasty toes and lets you dream away the hours to bed time…

The gentleness and charm of the Butterfly Loft gives you the space to breathe and lose the tension of the day, leading to better sleep. By reducing the stress in your life, and soaking up the calm moments, you will lower your anxiety and fall asleep faster.

Relax, read and be happy – contact us today.

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