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Five Reasons To Walk 1000 Miles This Year

Five Reasons to Walk 1000 Miles This Year

At the Butterfly Loft we love walkers and actively encourage them to stay here (#walkersarewelcome)! Getting outside to do some walking has been a favourite leisure pursuit of mine for a long time, but it’s always been something to be fitted in round many other things. Although I walked to work when I could, my husband and I only got out for an eight -ten miler “proper walk” perhaps once a month, with the occasional evening walk during the summer months.

I had a bit of a damascene moment last December when I was at the airport and looking for something light to read during the flight. Actually, it was a Lutonian moment but let that pass. The bright light flashed at Luton Airport’s WH Smith when I picked up Country Walking magazine and came across the Walk 1000 Miles campaign. It was love at first read!

Well, 1000 miles is a big number – but when you think about it, it’s completely do-able (an average of three miles a day, 48 weeks a year). If you seize any opportunity to walk you’ll be amazed how many miles you clock up.

Guy Proctor, editor of Country Magazine came up with the idea of a 1000 mile challenge (#walk1000miles). It has started a small revolution in walking circles and is spreading. It has been championed by BBC presenter Clare Balding and actor Brian Blessed, creating an entire community in excess of 25,000, with participants ranging in age from seven to 86.

So here are my five top reasons for walking 1000 miles this year

  • Walkers live longer
  • Walking helps to prevent weight gain and to lose weight
  • Walking reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke and diabetes
  • Walking boosts your brain power, improves mood and relieves stress
  • It’s cheap and easy!!

We’re all busy – but if you want to, you can find time to get the miles in. The idea is simple: walk as often as you can, recording your progress on a fitness tracker or app, or using the magazine’s progress tracker. Or use a map and a piece of string. Country Walking recommends using the OS Maps app, which is developing a mileage accumulator feature specifically designed for the challenge, called #walk1000miles.

At the Butterfly Loft we welcome our walking guests by providing local OS maps, suggestions for walks nearby, flasks, zinc oxide tape and even day sacks.

Booking accommodation in Milton Keynes couldn’t be easier. Just call us on 01908 266602 to check availability and make your reservation.

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