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Five Ways To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Five Ways to Stay Healthy During Lockdown

While lockdown is starting to ease, we’re still a long way from “normal”. I was reading a joke message on FB the other say that said: when we get out of this, we’ll either be hunks, chunks or drunks! It got me thinking ….

An osteopath I know always says “movement is medicine”. Keeping moving, keeping fit is good for your health, helps fight illness, makes you happy and the more you move, the more energy you have.

We also know now that those who are overweight and/ or suffer diabetes are more likely to be lose their lives to Covid-19. Time to get your metaphorical boxing gloves out and WALLOP that bug while getting fit all over!

So, what can we do to stay healthy during this interesting time?

Online classes

Exercising can (and should) be fun. If you love what you’re doing, you’ll do it. Dance, Pilates, yoga, stretch, weights, HIT, whatever. The choice is huge. If you need some inspiration start out with online classes. These can be found for free anywhere on YouTube. Joe Wicks – The Body Coach – is doing HIIT classes every morning at 9am for both the kids and adults. This means the whole family can get involved and be healthy together.

There are also many other personal trainers who are conducting their own free live fitness videos via Facebook and Instagram live. These workouts are for all levels and can give people the confidence and motivation whether they are just starting out or maintaining their fitness journey.

Go for a run or walk

Going outside for an hour for a run or walk is an excellent way to get some exercise and fresh air. Walking has low joint impact and doesn’t need any special clothes, so it’s great for every type of person no matter where they on their fitness journey.

Running or walking every day is great for the mind as well as the heart. Track where you run or walk every day and try beat the previous time. This keeps motivation high as well as improving fitness week to week.

walking boots

Make your own mini gym

Some of us are missing the gym but there are lots of fitness companies selling gym equipment to be used at home. From gym mats and weights to pull up bars, you can create your gym routine right at home.

female hand holding weights

Use your body weight

Body weight exercises are a great way to maintain those “gains” and general fitness. Using your own weight for squats, push ups and different variants can give real returns if completed in the right format. It’s important to have rest periods during each set or exercise as you’ll get the most out of this type of exercise this way.

person doing excercise


Yoga is good for the mind as well as the body. You also don’t need much space to be Yoga ready or to practice. Especially during these testing times yoga can relax the mind and stop over thinking that the uncertainty has caused.

Keeping fit during these times is important more than ever. It helps us stay sane as well as keeping us healthy. Adding exercise to your daily routine during the lockdown will not only make you feel better it will help to make sure you are in top shape when you start to travel again once this is all over.

person doing yoga on a mat


At the Butterfly Loft we provider information and advice on some lovely local walks, running routes and cycle hire and can make recommendations for local gyms, as well as providing our very own exercise mats.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before you can book your next trip away to the Butterfly Loft but until then stay safe and enjoy being at home.

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