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Let Joy Be Unconfined!

Let Joy Be Unconfined!

Poor old Joy. Let her out, poor girl. And while you’re at it, let everyone else out too.

From Monday this week we can meet with one other person for recreation. This means we are allowed to sit down in any outdoor public space to undertake activities including drinking coffee. Previously you could only meet with one person for exercise.

Well, it’s progress. And with the vaccination programme going from strength to strength and the end to lockdown in sight, I am feeling positive and thinking ahead to the pleasure of spring and summer. There are so many simple things that we’ve missed over the past few months that will make getting out and about in the local area feel like a mini adventure.

Here’s a list of 15 things I can’t wait to do after lockdown.

  1. Having a meal with our friends. A quiet outing to a relaxed eatery with a couple of friends will do very nicely. Our favourite place locally is The Passage to India. Jay is always welcoming, and the food is just fab.
  2. Watching a live performance. Will Stony Live! be back this year? I do hope so. After endless months of staring at screens, I can’t wait to be entertained by real people.
  3. Not having to check government guidelines all the time. It has been a bit confusing. At times it has felt rather like doing the Hokey Cokey and I wasn’t sure if my arm was meant to be in or out. Oh well. If in doubt, mask on, wash hands and give everyone a two-metre berth.
  4. Going on holiday for a few days. I love my home and garden, but I can’t wait for a change of scenery. Somewhere new to explore. Somewhere to chill out.
  5. Buying ice cream from the ice cream van. If I am ever on Desert island Discs, I think my luxury would be an ice cream van. Enough said.
  6. Visiting a museum and taking our time to explore the exhibitions available. We used to visit an art gallery or exhibition every month. Roll on the re-opening.
  7. Going to see a film at the cinema. As a general rule I don’t go out to the movies all that much these days. But when you can’t, you find you miss it.
  8. Going for a proper walk with a picnic. The last few months have been so wet that it’s been impossible to walk across the fields (unless you love wading through mud soup. I don’t). Trundling up and down the redways has been great for getting some air and exercise. They are paved so don’t get horrifically churned up. I am truly grateful that we have them. But – ingrate that I am, I am so bored with our three-mile hamster wheel-like daily round trip and am longing to charge up and down a few country hills. I really want to do a decent walk. With a picnic.walking picnic - enjoying an apple
  9. Sitting down in a cafe. I do love stopping off somewhere for a cup of tea and cake, especially when out for a walk. We have sampled carrot cake the length and breadth of the country.tea & cake
  10. Being able to pass within two metres of someone without having to back away like a skittery runaway horse.
  11. Stopping for a cup of tea and a vegan sausage roll from Greggs. It occurs to me that there’s a lot of food in this blog …. But Greggs make a very good cup of tea and their vegan roll is scrumptious. Unlike me, my husband is not veggie and he thinks the vegan version is better than the meat one.
  12. Going to another town and being a tourist. Just love having a little mooch round the streets to see what’s round the corner. exploring new places
  13. Checking out charity shops and finding a bargain. There’s a brilliant Age UK bookshop in Wolverton.
  14. Being able to sit and watching the world go by.
  15. Having the freedom to make a choice from a decent range of options again. The luxury of it is quite heady.

We are starting to get a trickle of bookings at The Butterfly Loft again. Stony Stratford is a wonderful place to escape to for staycation or work! If you’re thinking of staying in Milton Keynes and you want somewhere characterful, historically fascinating, and tranquil with some great walking as part of the package, do get in touch.

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