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Life At The Loft: The Butterfly Emerges

Life at the Loft: The Butterfly Emerges

Over the last few months, while out on our walks we have spotted some nice-looking places on our walks and made a mental note to go back for lunch once they’re open again.

The 12th April dawned. The Glorious Twelfth! We threw off our jaded lockdown demeanour and prepared to get out there again. It was the start of a packed week. Not only did Peter manage to get an appointment at the barber and have his hair practically shorn (and he now sports a very cute little Tin-Tin- like quiff!), I was cut and coloured AND we booked to go out for a pub lunch. It was more excitement in one week than we’ve had in the last six months 😊.

Burger & chips and enjoying a glass of wine

You may have seen images of hordes of people, out to lunch, crowded together and paying the merest lip service to social distancing. While I sympathise, the battle against this perishing bug is in the process of being won. It’s not yet behind us. After all this time being sensible and doing the right thing, we didn’t want to blow it, so we opted for a quiet country pub. Pausing only to don a further three layers of extra clothing, we sallied forth to The Crown at Granborough.

Granborough is a pretty little village just south of Winslow. We had to book a table, so numbers were well-managed. Although the garden had diners on most tables, we were well apart, and it felt very safe. We all had our own little gazebo and were well rugged up, so even though it was a bit chilly, the sun shone often enough to keep us warm.

I was practically squeaking with the excitement and enjoyment of it all. And I wasn’t the only one. As we tucked into our lunches, we could hear a chorus of animated chatter buzzing all round us. Who would ever have thought that something so ordinary as sitting in a sunny, if slightly chilly pub garden, eating pub grub would create such perfect contentment?

The atmosphere was cheerful, the service good and we had a lovely meal. But to be honest, it was just wonderful to be out. The other guests there were so obviously happy, it felt like a sort of mini holiday! We can certainly recommend The Crown based on our experience there.

Menu at The Crown

Stony Stratford is a wonderful place to escape to for staycation or work! If you’re thinking of staying in Milton Keynes and you want somewhere characterful, historically fascinating, and tranquil, with some wonderful socially distanced meals nearby, do get in touch.

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