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Little Things That Make The Big Difference

Little Things That Make the Big Difference

When we created the Butterfly Loft, we put comfort, convenience and common sense at the heart of the process.

What do I mean? Well, just recently my husband and I went to a family wedding in a beautiful little village near Dorking. We decided to stay overnight and booked a room in a very nice pub in a nearby village. Everything about the pub was agreeable – nice people, nice food, very pleasant room.

But it was only when you use a room as a guest you can really tell how well it all comes together. Travellers today need quite a few electric sockets. There were just two in our room (this is quite common). Both were under the table containing tea and coffee which meant crawling round plugging and unplugging. We always seem to be charging our phones, so phone charging, hair drying and having a cup of tea all had to be prioritised.

The only mirror was a small one in the bathroom. Given that I had to plug the hair drier into the only electric socket under the tea and coffee table, I had to sit on the floor to dry the gory locks. It was all a bit hit and miss.

There was a wardrobe with proper hangers and plenty of hanging space, which was excellent, but there wasn’t much in the way of a flat surface to put things, either in the bedroom or bathroom. If I’d had to do some work there was absolutely nowhere flat to put a laptop.
It was fine for a night, but I wouldn’t have wanted to stay a week.

In the Butterfly Loft we have taken a different approach and really thought about how things work – where you will want to stand or sit when you’re drying your hair, where mirrors should be positioned so you can do your hair and see how your whole outfit looks.

Good lighting for make-up, shaving etc. is essential especially as you get older. At 20 you might be lucky and have great eyesight, though many need a bit of help from good light even at that youthful age. At 40 we need twice as much light as we do at 20; at 60 we need twice as much light as we do at 40. So yeah – decent lighting is a really important comfort factor for many travellers.

We have also thought about where you will want to charge your phone (there are USB sockets too), and where you will want to have the space to lay out your personal effects.

We came and stayed as the first guests to see if it all worked and then asked some willing friends to stay as guest guinea pigs and make sure we’ve got things right.

Little things – but they add up to a lot and make for an unusually comfortable experience. It’s the perfect home from home. To stay at the Butterfly Loft, get in touch.

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