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Read The Best Books First

Read the Best Books First

Do you want to be happy and calm? (Of course you do). A great way to achieve this is to read more. Reading is a direct route to calm, relaxation, humour, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and motivation (though they aren’t usually always in the one book).

If you read the right books it will help you to feel much more upbeat. My home and office are full of books and I have made sure the Butterfly Loft is well stocked too.

Reading takes time, which is often hard to find. So here are some tips to squeeze in some more lovely reading.

  • American essayist Henry David Thoreau said: “Read the best books first, otherwise you’ll find you do not have time.” Spot on.
  • Don’t keep reading unless you love the book. There’s no rule that says you HAVE to finish a book you’re not enjoying.
  • Only read books you love. You’ll be amazed how much time you find to read.
  • Skim read material like newspapers and magazines.
  • Always have something to read with you. I have never got into Kindle and almost always read physical print books.
  • There’s always a paperback-in-progress tucked into my bag.
  • Have books ready to read. I buy lots of my books from charity shops. They sit on my bookshelf until I’ve read them, then I recycle to friends, family and back to the charity shop.
  • Set aside time to read more complex books. They’re worth doing but you’ll never do it when you’re busy/ frazzled/ tired so make time for it.

I have different tastes for different moods. A good, well-written story is essential to me. So I enjoy: Jane Austin, the Brontes, George Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, Barbara Pym, EM Forster, Anne Tyler, early Mary Wesley. If I’m ill I just want to read comfortable, pleasant and non-challenging books I love sanitised whodunits so Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie do very nicely. If I’m feeling stuck and lacking inspiration I might turn to various coaching type authors, for example, Cheryl Richardson. For humour (amongst others) I read Gerald Durrell, Louise Rennison, Garrison Keillor, Bill Bryson, PG Wodehouse and some Tom Sharpe. For old fashioned romance, perhaps a Georgette Heyer.

Booking accommodation in Milton Keynes is a wonderful opportunity to get up to date with your reading. Don’t leave it to chance. Stay at the Butterfly Loft and enjoy the library. Just make sure you come hungry to read!

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