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Recipe For Cleanliness

Recipe for Cleanliness

In the last couple of years Essex hairdresser Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka “Mrs Hinch”, has attracted the “Hinch Army” – almost a million and a half followers who share her passionate interest in Zoflora; but other queens of clean aren’t far behind. Cleaning is becoming cool …. Who’d a thought………?

Our guests appreciate the sparkling cleanliness of the apartment, but you won’t find Zoflora here. At the Butterfly Loft our favourite cleaning materials include vinegar, essential oils, lemons, olive oil and bicarbonate of soda to keep the apartment naturally clean.

And here – for your delectation and delight – are our favourite cleaning recipes!

The All-Purpose Cleaner

For cleaning and sanitising. We add equal parts white vinegar and water and around ten drops of essential oils to offset the vinegar smell.

For the deluxe version, you can try infusing your vinegar with the rind of lemons or oranges to offset the scent. Do this by adding citrus rinds to a jar, cover with white vinegar, seal and store in a cupboard for around three weeks. Once the vinegar has infused, strain and use alongside normal vinegar in this mixture to add a fresh scent. (Avoid using on marble, stone or granite surfaces.)

Toilet Scrub

For a naturally sparkling loo, we pour white vinegar into the bowl, add a good shake of bicarbonate of soda and around ten drops of an essential oil. Leave to sit for a few minutes, scrub with the toilet brush, fizzing up the mixture and getting rid of all the stains.

Mirrors and Window Sparkles

Mix together one-part white vinegar to four parts water and use on windows and mirrors to polish and clean. You can add in some essential oils for a fresh scent. Avoid doing this on a hot day as it can leave streaks.

Microwave Cleaner

We place a small cup of vinegar and the juice of a lemon in the microwave and switch it on for two minutes. Leave the door closed for a further minute or so to steam, then open and wipe down the inside with a damp cloth.

Furniture Polish

Olive oil is a wonderful furniture polish. Mix together one-part white vinegar to three parts olive oil and the juice of half a lemon.

Chopping Board Cleaner

To disinfect the chopping boards, we chop a lemon in half and rub over the surface of the chopping board, then wipe clean.

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