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The Butterfly Antidote To Bleagh!

The Butterfly Antidote to Bleagh!

Do you remember the Charlie Brown Schulz cartoon strip, back in the 80s and 90s? His dog Snoopy sometimes used to describe feeling “bleagh”. Up until quite recently that’s how I’ve been feeling. Not ill, but bleagh, though unlike Snoopy I haven’t taken to lying on top of my kennel wearing my World War Two flying ace helmet and goggles.

When my husband read aloud from an article that he thought I might be languishing, it made me laugh. How very like a Victorian heroine “languishing” sounds …. Sceptical though I was, it turns out that he might be right. And I was not alone.

Many of us have been feeling weary, apathetic and a bit sorry for ourselves, especially in the most recent lockdown. We had a long, grey winter, which went on right until the end of May.

Celebrating first pub lunch

Celebrating our first pub lunch

By mid-April when we were unlocked far enough to do a little alfresco dining and we might reasonably have expected some sunny weather and a lifting of the mood. it was perishing cold, though there were a few hardy souls willing to brave the weather long enough for a coffee on Horsefair Green! Although the Loft is warm and comfortable, one recent guest told us that lighting Bertha (the Loft’s little wood burner) really added an extra dimension of cosiness during their stay.

Thank Heavens, the weather has improved since then and summer finally seems to be here.

It does seem that “languishing” really is a thing though. It is the antithesis of flourishing, a sense of apathy, an overall lack of interest in life or the things that usually bring you joy. Typically, it’s coupled with a sense of fatigue. But unlike depression, languishing is a series of emotions, not an illness.

We can’t just bring the inconveniences and disruptions of the pandemic to an end, but there are some ways to cope with the discomfort of languishing.

  • Keep well hydrated. As well as tea, coffee (including de-caff) and hot chocolate, we always provide fruit and herb tea.
  • Block off time to relax and recharge.
  • Do some things that you enjoy and make you feel happy. Even small things, like reading a good book can help. The Butterfly Loft is awash with all sorts of books, but if you want to shop a few of your own to take home, I can totally recommend the Age UK bookshop in Wolverton. It’s really well organised, got a fantastic range of books, helpful staff and is very modestly priced.
  • Change the scenery. Going outside, ideally into a space where there are trees and plants can improve your mood and boost your energy.
  • Plan some enjoyable things to look forward to. Planning, getting that sense of anticipation is half the fun.
  • Treat yourself to a mini break. We are giving specially nurturing gifts in the Butterfly Loft welcome pack in June and July to combat any lingering sense of bleagh.

Feeling and receiving gratitude can help too. One thing that perked me up wonderfully was finding a great sheaf of beautiful yellow tulips and a card from an outgoing guest to thank me for making him so welcome and comfortable. What a lovely thing to do.

Tulips and a Thank you card

Stony Stratford is a wonderful place to escape to for staycation or work! And the Butterfly Loft is especially good if you’re having a little languish! If you’re thinking of staying in Milton Keynes and you want somewhere characterful, historically fascinating, and tranquil, do get in touch.

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