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The Comfort Of Rituals During Lockdown

The Comfort of Rituals During Lockdown

People tend to carry out more rituals in times of uncertainty. Even if they have no direct influence over the physical world, rituals provide a sense of control and comfort by imposing order on the chaos and uncertainty of everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether this sense of control is illusory. What matters is they relieve anxiety.

It is not surprising, that people are responding to the coronavirus crisis by creating new rituals. Some people are adopting “formal Friday”, dressing up for dinner even if they are alone. In the UK, many of us turn out at 8pm each Thursday night to give key workers a round of applause.

NHS worker and a thank you rainbow for key workers and NHS

During our lockdown, my husband and I have developed a new tea drinking ritual (new to us, that is). We have unearthed some pretty china cups and saucers that I inherited from my mother, my ancient teapot complete with its woolly “cosy” and a very cute little spotty milk jug. And now every day at about 3pm we make “proper” tea, accompanied by a Welsh cake or maybe a cheeky little Hob Nob. Tea definitely tastes better when made in a teapot and drunk from a cup and saucer.

The simple act of drinking tea is one many of us take for granted. Too often, we do it on the run, sometimes letting it go cold or not even finishing it. We don’t sit down and stop to enjoy it. Drinking tea has a long history. It is something people have been doing for centuries all around the world and these days we can harness all that knowledge to make it a ritual that will enhance our lives; forcing us to slow down and embrace the many benefits of tea on a physical, mental and emotional level. It certainly works for us!

Tea originated in China as far back as 3 AD. It was consumed as a medicinal drink, then later for pleasure. Drinking tea soon became a tradition for many different cultures and tea is enjoyed in different ways around the world.

Tea pot and cups

As we have found, using china that is delicate and beautiful, meaningful and sentimental can enhance our experience.

Choosing the tea we drink is important too. Black tea is the most common and accessible of teas and can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can drink it with or without milk and sugar, honey or lemon. These days there are also a variety of green teas, fruit teas and herbal infusions that are available in both loose leaf or packaged in tea bags.

Drinking tea has been proven to have many health benefits due to the antioxidants it contains. It aids hydration and is an excellent replacement for those wanting to cut down on their consumption of coffee and increase their consumption of water. Tea can be consumed as a comforting warm drink or a refreshing chilled beverage. Its versatility and simplicity are so underrated.

We love offering the comfort and charm of the tea ritual at The Butterfly Loft. When you visit us, you’ll find not just some pretty china cups and saucers, but milk jugs and a choice of teapots, as well as Yorkshire tea and a range of herbal and fruit infusions.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before you’re join us for a cuppa and can book your next trip away to the Butterfly Loft but until then stay safe and enjoy being at home.

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