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The Story Of Apple Day

The Story of Apple Day

Stony is big on community events, especially when it’s in a good cause. There’s nothing we Stony Stratfordians like better than to get together and party.

Back in October 2012 Stony Stratford Town Council came up with the idea of hosting an Apple Day at Mortimer Park, the site of the community orchard. The Council wanted to:

  • Welcome people to the riverside site;
  • Make the community aware of the draft plans for the community orchard;
  • Celebrate everything appley, and
  • Keep the doctor away;

(Actually, I made that last one up, but I’m sure the town’s health would be a good objective!)

At the first Apple Day, the kids decorated cooking apples, enjoyed donkey rides, raced ferrets, hooked apples and watched a traditional Punch and Judy show. P and J may be politically incorrect but kids still love their raucous banter. The little ones curled up to listen in to an apple-themed story time, courtesy of the Friends of Stony Stratford Library.

For adults there were cider making demonstrations, apple pressing, the longest peel competition, an apple pie competition and displays of 150 heritage varieties of apples.

Shopaholics bought up the contents of farmers market stalls, craft, food and general stalls. Oh yes; and there were also 18 varieties of English Apples available for sale, as well as quinces and medlars.

Those exhausted by the general frivolling retreated to the cider bar to put their collective feet up and refresh themselves. You’ll be relieved to know that the dress code that day did not involve fig leaves and there were no serpents present to spoil the fun!

The MK Food Bank van was on site and collected boxes of donations which was a great community effort. Friends of the Earth attended to remind us all that bees and other pollenators are under threat.

Town events like this aren’t just an enjoyable day out. They’re great for the town. The townspeople and visitors attending the events can relax, build relationships with each other and strengthen links. Local businesses can get their brand out there for a fraction of the cost of advertising and our favourite charities can get in some useful fund raising!

It was such a success that it’s become part of the Stony Stratford social calendar. In recent years the event has been hosted in and around the Wolverton Road orchard and nearby recreation ground (MK11 1EF is the closest postcode).

Booking accommodation in Milton Keynes? The Butterfly Loft is right at the heart of the town in a quiet location just 30 seconds walk from the High Street and five minutes from our Apple Day site. To stay here contact us.

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