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You’re Very Welcome!

You’re Very Welcome!

We’ve had a good flow of guests at the Butterfly Loft recently. I just love it when people walk in and are wowed. It’s a beautiful place, but it still manages to be both comfortable and personal. I have spent a lot of time on the road in my working life, so when I prepared the Butterfly Loft, I knew just what I would want. On the principle of do-as-you-would-be-done-by, I have tried to create a retreat that is calm, and reflects the comforts of home for our guests, making them feel truly welcome.

The bed is the most important piece of furniture (obvs!) but it’s not a given in all accommodation. I have too many painful memories of sleeping in beds so soft or so hard that the next day I was waddling round stiffly like an elderly, arthritic penguin. The Butterfly bed is king sized, not too hard, not too soft, and definitely not saggy. It’s very comfy and “just right,” as Goldilocks would say.

We alternate our duvets for the time of year. The last few weeks it’s been a 10.5 tog, even though it was the middle of August (we also put the heating on). Gordon Bennett. The following week we were back to a light summer 4.5 as we surged through the all-too-brief Indian summer. It’s mizzling very determinedly at the moment in a grey and chilly way, so our next guest will have an autumn duvet again with extra throws to go on top if she’s a cold soul. Layering is as important in bedding as it is in clothing.

We provide good quality bedding because sleeping in smooth sheets and pillowcases is just lovely; and there are enough nice firm pillows to sit up in bed and read. (We also provide a good range of books.)

The cushions prettying up the bed are strictly limited to one or two – and to be honest I remove them altogether for male guests. They might look all cute, co-ordinated and Pinteresty, but it’s a pain to have to strip off half a dozen items before finally climbing into bed. A sort of Princess and the Pea in reverse up the north face of the cushion mountain….

The older you get the more you need a good light for reading. Even younger eyes benefit from not squinting through a sort of twilight gloaming (also painfully common in hotel rooms), so we have an overhead light as well as bedside lights. The bedside lamps are of a decent wattage which can be turned on and off from the bed.

Guest these days turn up with laptops, mobile phones and all sorts of other portable electric appliances and there are never, but never enough plug sockets in hotels. With this in mind, we installed plenty of sockets where guests will need them, including some USB sockets.

Bathrobe, eye mask and traditional alarm clock

Most people use their mobiles as an alarm now, but we all know that blue light in the bedroom is not recommended. So, for guests who want to leave their phone outside the bedroom we’ve added in an old-fashioned alarm clock which ticks quietly and – I think – rather soothingly.

As a final touch I’m a light sleeper I have been in the habit if carrying earplugs and sleep masks for years, so we have included sets of these for similarly delicate sleepers.

You can rest extremely easy at the Butterfly Loft. Stony Stratford is a wonderful place to escape to for staycation or work! If you’re thinking of staying in Milton Keynes and you want to stay somewhere characterful, historically fascinating, and tranquil, do get in touch.

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